Verification and Validation Services

Be sure you’re getting what you paid for.

If you’ve recently implemented a new technology solution, you may want an independent party to assess the quality of the work. Ken-Kor is routinely contracted to conduct these assessments, called Verification and Validation services. Operating as a disinterested third party, we can serve a useful role in the your organization’s quality management system.

By determining whether or not a product or system meets its original specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose, we can give you the confidence of knowing you’ve received your money’s worth. If we discover problems, we can provide the extra leverage you need to negotiate with your vendor to fix any shortcomings identified in the verification and validation report.

To learn more about Ken-Kor’s verification and validation services, please contact us today at 1-312-840-9580

Ken-Kor performs independent verification and validation services to businesses in:
The Chicago Metropolitan area and beyond.