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Randolph Carnegie

Randolph Carnegie

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Cloud Computing and Privacy Concerns

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A major concern of many small business owners is the ownership and privacy of data stored in the "Cloud." Would you willing store your data with a company if you had reason to believe that by doing so, you were essentially giving a government a free pass to access that valuable information at any time? A lot of people and businesses would say no.

Here is a link to the full article and it's financial impact on US "Cloud Service" companies.


Bot Traffic

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On a recent flight on Southwest Airlines I saw this article "Bot Traffic - Humans generate only 49% of all Internet traffic." I was surprised to learn that we as "humans" are the minority users. Since the bots are on the prowl, please make sure you are utilizing strong passwords. Have you done a security check lately? Are you utilizing strong passwords? Do you have backups for your data - including those prized photos.



Chicago Images

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Chicago at Dusk.

Photograph courtesy of Korbin Carnegie.

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